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“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” Photography is an art of capturing durable images and creating recorded films. It is used both to capture reality and to produce a work of art. Hence, you are now at a perfect place to get your moments clicked with. Our two intelligent experts have started 2SG Photography with a passion in their mind to capture memories of people which will last with them for a long long way. We love to capture every special moment of yours and make you feel happy all the time.

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2SG Photography– The name itself speaks a lot! 2SG represents the name of our two Founders that have their first name and last name with the letters S and G. Shakya Gaurav and Sumeet Giri, the two young minds with a burning passion for photography, indefatigable energy, indomitable will, and extraordinary outlook have come on board to bring a revolutionary change in Lucknow photography. These creative minds have an exceptional level of enthusiasm and energy, unbeatable team harmony, and invincible spirit. Encompassing immense talent, energy and 4+ years of experience, they know the key skills to make their customers happy. Want to experience true photography skills? Contact us today!

2SG Photography is one the best moment capturing place in Lucknow. We have the ability to work beyond your imagination. The first motto of our services is making the client feel special on seeing their snaps and videos at any place and at anytime. We are installed with all the creativity, skills, expertise and knowledge, that you may search for in capturing the precious moments of yours. We also have the capacity to convert dull scenic into the catchy one.

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Our Team

Team work is the ability to work together towards a common vision. Thus, 2SG Photography is the resultant of bond between our experts – Mr. Sumeet Giri and Mr. Shakya Gaurav, the two main gems with hard core passion of photography. Our experts believe that –“Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much.” Hence keeping this phrase in mind, the two had pulled this business so far and that too at another level. For us, photography is the source of capturing feeling, of touching, of loving, of caring. What you have caught on films is captured forever. We make you remember your little and precious things, and frame it for long after you have forgotten them.

Sumeet Giri


Shakya Gaurav

Co-Founder (CEO)


The mission of 2SG Photography is providing our customers with the best and artistic images that are beyond their imagination. Our aim is to provide outstanding services, and an enjoyable experience in front of the camera. Our motto is to please you in every possible way that we can by capturing every emotional moment of yours. We create outstanding images that stand out of crowd that can grab your attention and increases your popularity.


Vision is the concept of seeing and photographers constantly practice the art of seeing. . The outstanding Vision art is to link your photography with other creative pursuits and 2SG is the boss of such creativity. We learn from everyone to give our best. This is the special part in 2SG Photography as this ought to make us grow and earn more name and fame by giving high quality pictures at very low rates in the market of Lucknow.


2SG Photography had learnt the importance of Values through Hard Work and passion. We do not compromise for our Values in return of anything. Our Values basically deals with-