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Family Portrait Photography in Lucknow

“Like a tree, a family grows in different directions but its root remains the same.”

Family is a part of us where we do not merely happen to be attached biologically, but an aspect that we carry with us as our identity throughout. No matter how far we think we can put them from us, the truth is we can not.

You cannot discard a part of your life that has made you capable of understanding the good and bad of life. We can express this love and gratitude to our family by showing them a surprise photoshoot of everyone by our team of top photographers in Lucknow. Generally, most of us are rather occupied with our daily schedule and quite honestly, we do not have time to spare with them. But for a wholesome family photoshoot in Lucknow, you can be ensured that it is that can be carried out smoothly.

top photographer in Lucknow

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family photography in lucknow
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family portrait photography

What Clients are Saying

2SG Photography has changed my life! They have helped us seal all our memories with such clarity and resolution. Will forever be grateful!


Ritesh and Family

Thank you 2SG Photography from the bottom of my heart. I’m so grateful to come across you guys. You have done a great Family Photoshoot!

Harsh and Family

I barely get time to spend with my family because I am a working woman, but just because of the pictures from 2SG Photography, I always keep them near me.

Janvi and Family

Client for Fashion Photography

Pictures from 2SG are amazing! My family and I are really satisfied with the results. Thank you!


Rida and Family

Client for Family Shoot

I’m glad that a friend of mine recommended 2SG Photography to me for family portraits. I am so happy to reach out for their service.

Birthdays celebration

Susmita singh and Family

Capture Happy Moments

Families are just a right mix of love and chaos!!

Our photographers would do the rest of the job of bringing one of the best portraits you would ever see. As you must have seen, 2SG Photographers are considered as one among the top photographers in Lucknow. None of our prior customers have been dissatisfied. You wouldn’t either! When you’re together with your family, you ought to stay your happy and content self. Just like your family assures you happy moments, we assure you that we’d capture them in their authentic self.

top photographer in Lucknow

We are Making Important Memories

Photographers at 2SG Photograph carry on with one aim- they freeze your essential memories forever in time so that you can look back and reminiscence them at your best and worst times of life. Your family photography will remind you to stay strong like a tree every time you glance at them.

There exist very few standard photographers who do the job of family portrait photography. You must realise how hard working we are as the reputation that we hold today among the masses takes a lot of time and patience. Keeping that patience intact, we have come so far that our clients today recommend our service to their own friends and family members. What else can we ask for? That is why we emphasise on giving ourselves a chance. If you decide to put us to the test, let us know- we will show you our best!

Apart from that, our website is a small glimpse of what we do. Check out certain portfolio demonstrations that are quite versatile. There is immense support from the clients who have chosen us for a family photoshoot in Lucknow. You can always check out their reviews. Therefore, we feel you should at least once give us a chance and choose us.


“You can’t say family is an important thing. It’s everything.”

A family photoshoot in Lucknow is a big deal. This can be done in various locations around. Since the whole of Lucknow is about its great architecture and historical relevance some extremely brilliant photographs can be clicked which would render a very strong vibe from the past. And that will accomplish the whole point of a family photography session. If you decide that your photoshoot should be done at a particular location, that can be pulled off well too. Our photographers are ready to travel far and wide to fulfill your requirements as it is our top most priority to serve our clients with nothing short of excellence. The quality of your family photographs would always keep you close to them. No matter how far they may be from you, a good photograph is enough to make you nostalgic and take you back in time. And when we, as photographers, have managed to work that way, we’ve accomplished our job!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as per the client’s demand it can be arranged at his/her home.

There is really no definite rule book to follow for making a perfect pose. You just be ready for the photo-shoot leave rest of the things to us.

We offer you 2 different packages which you can modify as per your needs. The prices, along with being low are generally negotiable and very often discounts are also included. The average cost somewhere lies around 3-5k.

Yes, editing is included in our package. During the whole photo-shoot, we take multiple shots which are test or blurred. All such shots are filtered out and the best output reaches to you.