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Best Pre Wedding Shoot In Lucknow

Life after marriage changes-Don’t miss a chance to enjoy your pre-wedding moments to the fullest as they will never come back!

To capture one of the best moments, especially a pre wedding shoot in Lucknow it is essential to approach experts of that field. A good photographer knows his job and has the eye to capture all of those instances that a human eye may miss. He knows how to keep his clients comfortable and lets them be their natural selves. When one is at ease and in their natural element, the photographer does his job of capturing and preserving that moment forever in a picture. And for that, one can always rely on 2SG Photography.

Talk about pre wedding shoots in Lucknow, where the bride and groom a few days before their marriage capture and share the most intimate moments together which are captured and preserved forever. For such a special occasion, people are bound to approach experts who know their job well. And at 2SG Photography, you would come across such best photographers in Lucknow.

top photographer in Lucknow

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best wedding photographer in lucknow
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What Clients are Saying

 “I simply cannot thank 2SG Photography enough. They  are excellent in what they’re doing, pre wedding shoot. I would highly recommend everyone to check them out!”


Suresh Sharma

“The pictures you click are excellent and your pictures leave us in awe! You guys at 2SG Photography are absolutely incredible. 10/10 service, indeed!

2SG Photograpy Client

Isha Singh

“I cannot stress this enough, but the pictures are brilliant!!! 2SG Photographers are incredible with their job of  Pre wedding Photography and are pretty fun people. We are lucky to come across you guys. All of the pictures are very precious. They are indeed, the best photographers in Lucknow!”


“Thank you so much. You have exceeded everyone’s expectations at our work! Thanks a million!”

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Sushmita Yadav

Get Ready To Capture Your Pre Wedding!

Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.
We anticipate having won over your trust to choose us with your pre wedding photography capturing your most special moments to be carried out with great ease and comfort. Our precious clients, so far, have been extremely satisfied with our services and we ensure to carry forward that satisfaction with you too. We, at 2SG Photography are people with great expertise and we have an eye to capture exactly what should be preserved. Therefore, do give us a chance and see the results of your pre wedding photography yourself! We know what it takes to gain our client’s trust and this cooperation during the photoshoot can create magic for you.

top photographer in Lucknow

Why to choose us ?

We, at 2SG Photography are a group of people who are experts and provide professional-like quality to you. For any pre wedding shoot, a group of pre wedding photographers in Lucknow take care of the event to great perfection. That is why we emphasise on why you should choose us. We youngsters have the ability and the skills to prove ourselves by showing you results.


Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life!!
We, at 2SG Photography, give a lot of importance to the smallest details. A pre wedding photoshoot demands trust from the client’s part which is reciprocated from our side too. This trust ensures that the photographer and the client both can carry out the photoshoot with comfort and perfection. This also ensures how important it is for the photographer to let the client be themselves and capture their intimate moments for them forever. You can find one of the best photographers in Lucknow at 2SG Photography who would ensure everything is carried out smoothly and at ease. This believe was only claimed because of the quality that the photographers at 2SG Photography provide. This proves the very fact that these people are nothing, but passionate and sincere in their endeavors. This passion has helped them gain the trust of customers too who recommend them further to their friends and families too!

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So, next time for any of your friend’s or your family member’s pre wedding shoot, you know precisely who to approach and that is no one else but 2SG Photography simply because of the quality factor they provide. Reviews by their previous clients are the proof in front of you proving their worth and the perfection of their job. 2SG Photography includes one of the best pre wedding photographers in Lucknow who understands all that it takes to capture moments. It’s not merely clicking pictures with fancy cameras, it is a lot more than that. There’s enthusiasm, there’s the eye, there’s comfort; everything combines and renders what you eventually witness. Photography is a fresh niche and there are a few of them who have an eye for it. So, make sure your most intimate and special moments are taken care of by experts. Do trust 2SG Photography and witness all that by yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions

Prewedding shoots is a moment that is extremely special to the bride and groom where they get to understand each other more intimately. It would be entirely your choice to pose or not. As the pre wedding photographers would do their job of capturing you at your natural self. Your emotions and expressions would not miss their eye! So, we recommend getting your pre wedding shoot done.

  • A flowery dress would be highly recommended as it would reflect your beautiful emotions that you feel inside.
  • If you have certain locations fixed in your mind, choose your dresses accordingly.
  • In case this pre wedding photoshoot has got you all confused, just go with your instinct and grab something super that currently is super classy and trendy.
  • Make sure your pair isn’t mismatched. You and your partner’s clothing should go hand in hand.
  • Make sure you are comfortable in what you wear.
  • Be a bit creative with your choice of colours.
  • The bride should always choose at least one gown.
  • The groom should always consider an outfit that oozes a royal vibe!
  • Dilkusha Garden
  • Bada Imambada
  • Lohia Park
  • Kuria Ghat
  • Gomti River Front
  • Ambedkar Park
  • Janeshwar Misra Park

The ideal time to book your pre wedding photography service would be at least a month prior to your wedding as it is a special moment that the bride and groom share, so it should never be missed!