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Baby Photoshoot in Lucknow

Let your journey as a parent be captured most exquisitely!!
Think about it in terms of baby photographs. When a baby is on its own, it is always seen playing in its own way, trying to utter words that do not have any meaning to us, but makes the baby laugh and cry. And it is in that moment when one witnesses the baby’s pure self. These moments of innocence bring in the urge to freeze time forever so that this purity of the time never withers away from their sight.

This introduces us to clients that demand baby photoshoots. And for such photoshoots, client’s demand people who can be delicate and comfortable around their kids.

2SG Photography ensures the best baby photoshoot in Lucknow accomplished by some quality photographers provided by them. Photographers at 2SG Photography do a great job of photography in Lucknow. They will not just do their job well, but also keep your baby all pumped up so that the photoshoot is carried out with ease.

top photographer in Lucknow

Our Work

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What Clients are Saying

“Choosing 2SG for the pictures of my child was great. Their way of capturing moments is professional.”


Rajesh Sharma

“Thank you so much for clicking pictures of my baby. You guys have been professional with your work and I appreciate that!”


“Thank you ever so much. You have exceeded everyone’s expectations at our Fashion work! Thanks a million”

Birthdays celebration

Anjali yadav

“I seriously loved your work. The pictures are very good and thank you for being so patient with my child. Thank you so much for clicking such lovely pictures of her.”


Rida and Family

Client for Family Shoot

“My child was so restless all this while, but you guys managed to entertain him patiently. Plus, the pictures are so beautiful. Thank you for everything.”

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Get Ready to Your Kids Cute Photoshoot

Child photography isn’t something everyone is good at. But ever came across photographers who ensure great pictures of your baby’s priceless expressions that we want us to give our heart to?

2SG Photography is indeed the one who should be trusted for a baby photoshoot in Lucknow. Their service is literally unmatched! Once you have your kid around the photographers, they are in safe hands. You can dress up your kid any way you want for the photoshoot. Your child with us is in safe hands and rest assured, we will not let you down with the pictures we click.

top photographer in Lucknow

Hire Best Kids Photographer in Lucknow​

In terms of the best baby photoshoot in Lucknow, it has been established pretty well that 2SG Photographers are the ones you should choose. Apart from carrying other project experiences too, 2SG Photography covers kids photography brilliantly too. Your kid would also love getting pampered in such a playful environment.

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Why To Choose Us?

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, and the future worth living for.

With 2SG Photography, the true meaning of newborn photography is revealed. Witness the skill of these youngsters unveil itself, as you play with your child and keep it entertained while the photos are being clicked. You simply have to give the child the company it needs. In such a situation, it is normal to see a child cry unusually loud, as the surroundings are new for the baby and once they get an idea of the new faces around, we would right there capture those moments. Dress the child up whichever way you want, give the baby whatever it loves to eat- the pictures which would be captured of the child would be of moments wherein it looked its natural self. From capturing the baby’s wondrous eyes to an absent-minded smile- the photographers at 2SG manage to preserve all of those special moments forever for you as they are experts in child photography.

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Just Say Cheese! We’ll Handle the Rest!

You read that right! Let your child seek the right moment to smile and watch us click that moment and freeze it for you till eternity. Our kids photoshoot is highly appreciated. The reason we claim our skills so confidently is because we are backed up by our customer’s support. Their testimonials after our service are enough to better our skills so that we simply come off better with time. And that’s how we are appreciated. 2SG Photography acknowledges everything that comes from its clients. So, as previously claimed, you lookout for the right moment for photography in Lucknow and leave the rest to us. Once you bring that moment to life, we would take charge of preserving it forever. We are professionals and we know how to behave where. So, do check us out and give us a chance. We never have and never will let our customers down.


Frequently Asked Questions

The prices are completely dependent upon customer’s demand and are flexible. For giving you an idea, we offer two different packages from which customer can choose and can modify them according to his/her needs. The prices are affordable and discount offers are also there.

This can have variable answers as it is completely dependent upon client’s readiness. On an average, it takes something between 2 to 4 hours

Yes, sure if you think you have the right background and lights we absolutely have no problem in organizing photo-shoot at your home. Most of the baby’s photo-shoot we have done are were in client’s home only.

We believe in delivering you only the high-end output and thus edited images/videos are delivered to you.